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What makes the "cracking sound"?

The sound commonly heard during an adjustment is merely the formation of gas bubbles within the joint created as built up negative pressure is released. The scientific term is called tribonucleation.

Does getting adjusted hurt?

No, the adjustment is considered by most to be a feeling of immense relief quickly followed by an increased range of motion.

Do kids get adjusted?

Absolutely! Children respond very quickly to chiropractic and experience a number of health benefits even in the absence of any pain at all.

Do I have to be in pain to see a chiropractor?

Absolutely NOT! The best adjustments always happen when you feel the greatest. Chiropractic is not necessarily about getting out of pain, it’s about improving the function of your nervous system which controls every cell, tissue, and organ in your body!

How often should a person get adjusted?

It depends, many people have to be seen several times a week in order to achieve a real change in their spine while others may qualify for a wellness program of only 1-2x per week.

Are chiropractors actually doctors?

Yes they are, all practicing chiropractors are considered “chiropractic physicians” in the state of Florida which are licensed by the Florida Health Department and must pass the National Board of Chiropractor Examiner’s exams. In fact, the in-class hours and curriculum during their education is very similar to that of medical doctors, even more in depth in certain subjects.

Do I need a referral from my medical doctor to recieve chiropractic treatment?

No you do not, chiropractors are considered portal of entery physicians.

Are X-rays dangerous?

We utilize a brand new digital X-ray machine which has proven to significantly limit the amount of exposure relative to the older machines from 30+ years ago. In fact, you may recieve more radiation exposure on a commercial airplane flight from Florida to Washington state than you would from a few neck X-rays.

How does chiropractic help with headaches?

There are several causes of headaches but one of the most common is called a “Cervicogenic Headache” which means the pain is actually originating from dysfunction in the neck, AKA the cervical region of the spine.

Why is more than just one adjustment required to get better?

Many people have different levels of postural distortions, degeneration, history of trauma, and areas of instability which make it impossible to correct with one single adjustment. Spinal correction is as much neurological as it is mechanical, which means in order to cause TRUE change repetition, rhythm, and consistency are required.

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